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Cheyenne's Bed

At the time this was done, she was four…. She had seen a castle bed on a home improvement show on TV and talked about it a little… Of course, being a good mom I went on the internet looking for plans for this kind of bed… THERE AREN’T ANY!!!! But, there are loft bed plans. Paid for and downloaded said plans then got out the graph paper and drew up the amendments plans. The towers which double as book cases with a cubby on the top, the center part that has the crest, and the crowns to go on the cubbies, I drew them out in great detail. And came up with a cut list, supply list and an estimate of the cost to build. Submitted it to my husband. He thought it would be a great idea.

Because we both work we can only work on this evenings and weekends. There is no way we can surprise her because it has to be built into place. Too big for the doorways!!! Measure twice cut once!!!

Of Course, all of this is done under the watchful eyes of the main supervisors…. Cheyenne & Simon….

Simon says “Good Job, Mom and Dad. I like it!!

One evening we are building the towers and we take it out to the front porch to add the shelves. Well, I came out the door last and pushed my husband on off the porch… he just stepped down and no big deal. The second tower, he thought he would just keep walking and step off the porch so as to give me plenty of room…. Coming out the door I stepped wrong and when the inside heal of my new balance tennis shoes touched the inside of my upper ankle, I knew it was gonna hurt!!! Then it did, REALLY BAD!!!

So, for the moral of the story of building this, Check to make sure you have medical insurance first. Or your DIY could end up costing way more than you had planned for.

But it was so worth it!