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Child Safety

Child Safety

The big day is almost here and thousands of kids across the nation are preparing to head out or Trick or Treat!  Here are a few tips to help ensure your child’s safety on this fun fright night!

  1. Plan your route in advance - Knowing where you are going and the best way to get there can help keep frustrations at a minimum.

  2. Wear comfortable shoes – Sure those mile-high spiked heels look great with your costume, but if you’re accompanying little ones, your feet can get tired quickly.You can avoid fatigue – and falls over not so level ground – by wearing comfortable shoes that give you some extra traction.

  3. Stay well lit - Flashlights, reflective tape, and glow jewelry all help to make you and your little monsters visible to traffic.

  4. Make sure all costumes are short – Costumes that drag on the ground can be a tripping hazard.Make sure your little ones have items that are a good length for their height.

  5. Avoid masks – Yes, they’re fun, but many masks can hinder eyesight or even breathing.Consider face painting instead.

  6. Use flexible props – Try to make sure any weapons are rubber or plastic to avoid injury to your child or others.

  7. Check your candy – When sorting through candy at the end of the night, throw away any that is not in its original wrapper or looks as if it’s been opened.

  8. Be insured!Health insurance is important.Stop by our offices today and get a quote on health insurance for you and your little ones!