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On Monday, the internet was filled with people discussing the eclipse.  Most talk revolved around when it would begin and what the safest way was to view this exciting event.  Before I left for work, I wrote a note for my husband – who works the night shift – letting him know what time was best for viewing would take place and the safest way for him and our son to watch if they were awake in time.  (In an effort to keep my husband from being awoken by a perpetually starving 10 year old boy, I had let Colt stay up all night so that he’d sleep when his dad did that day.)  

Fast forward to 2:00 Monday afternoon.  The office was busy and I was going about my day when I hear receive a message from my husband.  He normally doesn’t bother me at work unless it’s an emergency, so I was unsure what to expect.  I opened it to read, “Your son wants to know what time the apocalypse is today.”

It took me a second to stop laughing, but I directed them to the internet since they’d missed the eclipse by a good hour or more.  That one typical little boy mistake kept me laughing all afternoon, but it brings to mind the fact that we often confuse things in real life.  We hear a term and we think we know what it means when in reality we’re way off base . . . like insurance.  Most people know only that they have to carry it by law, but have no idea what insurance truly does. 

For instance, auto liability.  Liability car insurance covers damages to another person resulting from an accident you cause.  One of the most basic types of auto insurance coverage, liability is also one of the few coverage options that's mandatory in every state—though minimum limits of coverage vary, depending on where you live.  Here are a few key points:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage helps protect you if you're responsible for an accident that hurts another person.
  • Bodily injury liability can help you pay for the other person's medical bills, compensation for loss of income and emergency aid at an accident scene, as well as your legal bills if that person sues you.
  • Two limits exist within Bodily Injury coverage: per person and per accident.  For example, within a policy you might see a $50,000 maximum payment per person, and a $100,000 maximum payment per accident.
  • Property Damage is damage you cause to someone else's property (but not your own).  If you hit someone else's car, for instance…or run into their house or storefront.
  • Property damage liability coverage can help pay for structural damage, repair or replacement costs for stationary objects like fences, even vehicle repair or replacement.  It can even help keep your assets safe if a covered accident results in a lawsuit.



There is a lot more to be learned with auto insurance.  If you have any question whether you’re properly covered, give us a call today!