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It's Not Just a Quote

It’s Not Just a Quote, It’s a Relationship

Shopping for insurance? Maybe what you’re looking for isn’t just a quote but a person - someone you can trust to guide you through the many insurance choices, rather than trying to make sense of all the options yourself. That someone is an insurance agent, but there are many agents out there – not to mention different types. So, how do you choose?

1. Know the Types of Insurance Agents
Some insurance agents represent only one insurance company. These are known as direct, or captive, agents, and they are direct employees of the company whose policies they sell. Any policy he or she sells will be from that company, and that company only.

An independent insurance agent, on the other hand, represents a number of different carriers. An independent agent isn’t restricted by what any one carrier offers, so he or she has more flexibility.

2. Get Recommendations

The best way to predict what kind of service you can expect from an agent is to find out what kind of service he or she has provided in the past. Ask for recommendations from family, friends, neighbors and other like businesses that they Insure.

3. Research the Agency and Agent
Once you have a few recommendations it’s time to research your prospective agents, the agencies where they work and the companies they represent. Here are a few places to check:

  • The website of your state’s Department of Insurance. Here you can likely see any complaints, investigations or disciplinary actions against agents, as well as make sure they have an active license.
  • Local chambers of commerce or the Better Business Bureau.
  • The agency’s own website, which should outline their services, the types of insurance they offer and the carriers they represent.

4. Interview the Agent
Tell the agent what you’d like to insure, and ask how he or she would be able to help. Ask how they track claims and any other questions you’ve always wondered about insurance.

When you’re shopping for an insurance agent, you’re not just looking for a good quote. You’re looking for a good working relationship that can endure through new cars or homes, fender benders, storm damage and much more.

We are here for you.