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Our Hotel Program

We are in the middle of summer and, for many, that means it’s time for vacation.  Of course, when We The People travel, we have to have someplace to stay  and, whether you’re like me and want a home away from home or you’re like our bookkeeper Pam, who’s a wee bit spoiled and wants to be waited on hand and foot, that need is usually filled by a hotel or a B&B.  It often doesn’t seem like you’re really on vacay until you check into that room.  There’s just something about a neat, clean room with a beautiful view to kick you into vacation mode.  However, that same view is business as usual to the staff and managers of the hotel.

There are many misconceptions about what hotel employees do – especially the managers.  From dealing with guests to staffing emergencies to all of the many other things that can go right – or wrong – during the day, it can be a lot to worry about. 

One thing you shouldn’t be worrying over is your insurance and that’s where First Insurance Service can help you!

We have an exclusive hotel insurance program that can give you rates well below market without having to switch agents as shown in the photo below!  Quotes only take a couple of minutes and we’ll be happy to work with you to provide the best coverage for you.