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Protecting your home

Protecting your home

The scaring season has officially begun and this month’s blogs will focus on four areas of safety during this fun time.  This week’s topic is home safety – specifically keeping your home safe from any unwanted tricksters.


  1. Light it up – Keeping your home and yard illuminated will discourage burglars who are more likely to be caught if they target a well-lit home.


  2. Safety in numbers – If you’re handing out treats, enlist a family member or friend to help you.Home owners are more likely o open the door on Halloween night expecting small children and thieves know this.Having an extra person on hand to call the police should something unexpected happen is always a good plan


  3. Don’t linger – Keep your door open for the shortest time possible.Don’t give them an opportunity to sneak a peek at your valuables.Consider doing your candy giveaways on the the porch by setting up a candy station.


  4. Prepare for the Tricksters – People get bold when they’re hiding behind a mask.Vandalism increases on October 31 and it’s wise to keep your prized possessions out of sight.Put your car into your garage and make sure the doors are up and windows locked.


  5. If you’ll be out and about on All Hallows Eve, be sure to lock your residence.Lighting timers, leaving the TV on, and making sure your home exterior is well lit will all help to discourage those who are up to no good.


  6. Have a party – If you want to participate in the festivities, but don’t want to leave your house, consider hosting a Halloween Party for friends and family.


  7. MAKE SURE YOU ARE INSURED – should the worst happen, you need to make sure your home and possessions are properly protected.Come visit us today for a home and auto quote!

The most important thing to remember is to use good old common sense.  Enjoy your night and don’t forget to have lots of fun!