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Trick or Treat!!!

Trick or Treat!!!

Halloween is a fun time of year and with it comes the Trick part of “Trick or Treat.”  Many times, these pranks, like the one above, are harmless, but some can damage your auto.  The best defense against the kinds of things that could result in a loss, is a good offense.  Here are a few tips to help you protect these important investments:


  1. Wax on – Apply a protective coat of wax.Not only can it help protect the paint from pesky tricks, it also provides a barrier from salt, sand, and road grime related to cold weather driving (if you don’t live in Texas that is.)


  2. Take cover – If you can, park your car in your garage or use a car cover.


  3. Quick rinse – If your car is hit by little gremlins on Halloween, be sure to rinse off any solid residue that might scratch the paint such as eggshells.


  4. Be prepared – Clean of any small mess quickly.Keep a small spray bottle mixed with car washing soap handy to take care of things right away.


  5. Last resort – If the worst happens and something has caused paint damage, but hasn’t completely ruined the clearcoat layer, wash it thoroughly and use a cleaner wax.If its’ gone into the metal or paint layer, that area will need to be repainted.


  6. Have your automobile properly insured!Liability won’t pay for your car to be repaired.Come by or call us today and let us help you make sure your care is properly covered for Halloween and any other occasion!