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Workers Comp

It isn’t often that I get to spend the day with my oldest son, Brandon.  We both have full time jobs and, with him being a full time college student as well, most often our interactions are quick phone calls, messages, or maybe – if we’re lucky – a family dinner out a couple of times of month.  However, Saturday was one of those rare days where neither of us had anything to do and so we went shopping for his new apartment.

After spending (way too much) time in Hobby Lobby, we moved over to Walmart to look for a few more dishes.  I was just turning into the aisle that has serving ware when I saw Brandon pick something up.  “Hey, Mom!  Look at this cool bowl!”  

The item in question was a large wooden bowl with deep sides and a pretty sheen.  Proud that my son was branching out into the world of things best categorized as “not for steak,” I replied, “That’s nice!  It’s a salad bowl.  Good choice.”

The only way I could describe the look he gave me is this:

After I repeated myself, he gingerly set the bowl back on the shelf as if it was a grenade that would activate if moved too suddenly.  “Yep, that’s going right back where it was,” he said before hurrying off in the opposite direction.  As I followed him, trying my best not to laugh out loud, I was reminded that all too often we put aside things that would be healthy for us because we don’t want to think about them.  Take Workers Comp insurance for example.  One way to keep your business healthy is to make sure both the business and the employees are protected.

No business owner wants to think of a valued employee being hurt and most places have rules, regulations, and safety drills to avoid accidents as best we can.  However, sometimes even the most diligent practices still aren’t enough.  That’s where Workers Comp comes in.  It’s there to protect both the company and the employee in the case of an accident, but there are many different facets including legal protection, coverage triggers, duration of benefits, and much more.  The waters of Workers Comp are deep enough that you need a professional to help guide you and make sure your business is fully covered.

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